Friday, March 25, 2022

Local SEO Boost Service For Contractors

Local SEO Boost Service For Contractors

Local search has changed. SEO (search engines optimization) has become more difficult for local businesses.

Directory sites and big-box businesses have an unfair advantage. You won't get steady leads if your website isn't in the top three maps rankings or on page 1 with your most important keywords.

Over the years, search and local searches have changed. Many local businesses have suffered a decline in ranking and some have even lost their Google Business Profile listing on local maps. Ranking for local businesses can be difficult due to the dominance by big companies and directory sites on page one.

Traditional SEO is over! Big Brands Are Dominating Page One!

Today's Rankings Factors

Google's AI (artificial intelligent) technology, which they call Rank Brain, can learn from the data end-users are searching for. These factors include the searcher's location, personalization, query words and word choice to determine the searcher "true intentions". It is possible to provide better search results by understanding the true intent and location of the searcher.

SEO hasn't gone extinct, it just needs to be updated. A well-optimized website is important, as are links to the site. We've learned how Google looks for natural language patterns to get your website to the top.

Traditional SEO is over! Big Brands Are Dominating!

We are experts in fixing this!

Google is the Biggest Source of Word Of Mouth Advertising

When done correctly, it creates trust as well as "Top Google Rankings!"

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